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GLAMOUROLOGY CO., LTD. on üks tuntud tootjate, tarnijate ja eksportijate Professionaalne juuksehooldus, koos tehase Taiwan. Kellel on aastatepikkused kogemused rida tehes oleme tuntud oma väljapaistva jõudluse tööstusele. Oleme aidanud end ühe juhtiva tootemargi Taiwan. Me pidevalt uuendada meie tooteid, mis vastavad rahvusvahelistele standarditele. Me peame meeskond spetsialiste, mis annab õigeaegselt sünnitusel kõrge quality.Our siirus ja raske töö on aidanud meil vastavad oma kvaliteedi vastavus rahvusvahelistele standarditele.


Who We Are Glamourology Co.,Ltd has been involved in hairdressing and beauty industries since 2006. Both FEIFAN and BESSON are our products and we are sellers for DE LAMO, JIODAN, and ANTIDOTPRO. We are able to serve as the OEM or partnership with related industries.

Our Values You can shop with confidence knowing it is our promise to deliver you only the best natural and highest quality products while emphasising on sustainability to every aspect of Glamourology Co.,Ltd.

  • 1.Our ingredients have been extensively researched to ensure they are safe for you and the environment. Our products are filled with nourishing ingredients that are all natural.
  • 2.We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint in all areas of our business. Learn from nature. Take it from nature. Give back to nature. Embrace the positive cycle. Keep the endless cycle alive.
  • 3.We are dedicated in giving back. Every purchase helps support disadvantaged groups. We hope that our actions can inspire others in making a positive difference.

Our Promise Both FEIFAN and BESSON only uses the highest quality natural ingredients, free of formaldehyde, hazardous earth component EDTA, artificial colors, antihistamines, and estrogen. Our products are never formulated with parabens, heavy metal contamination, and toxic chemicals. Glamourology Co.,Ltd is committed to using safe and clean ingredients, banning beyond the EU’s 1,328 chemicals. We have been doing things with an honest heart because your health and our environment are our biggest value.

Our Certifications

  • R&D technology patent and ISO9001 international quality certification
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Sampling analysis
  • Safety test
  • Quality test of CUF content of bacteria
  • Sample comparison
  • Anti-allergy test
  • Validity test

It means the world to us when customers place their trust in our products. We are dedicated to making sure that all of our products are safe and effective before they go on the market by passing all of the tests. From the research and development of raw materials to the production and manufacturing, the most stringent technical control of ISO9001 has passed the international quality certification.

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